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Welcome to our website and if you are thinking of moving to Chatteris or the surrounding villages, welcome to a warm and friendly community. We offer a very comprehensive range of Vinyl and Carpets in Chatteris and surrounding Villages and Towns. Also offering Curtains and Blinds from leading suppliers. Why not pop in our Shop and have a look, you will be made very welcome.

For over 80 years Lovell & Ward Ltd have served this community, in that time we have learnt the importance of caring for our customer. It must be working as we are now serving the second, third and fourth generation of local families. There's one thing we value above all others - the trust of our customers. We value it highly. The choice you make is one that you will be living with for quite a while and it's our goal to see that you live with it happily. As you read through these pages you will see many companies we deal with with links to some of there sites to help you make the right choice.

Lovell and Ward Ltd supply and install a complete range of flooring, Blinds, Curtains and Carpets in Chatteris. Our customers regularly acknowledge our professional and superior service, and we have worked hard to develop our reputation over the years we have been in business. The Lovell and Ward Ltd team have been successfully providing households and businesses with curtains, blinds, carpets and flooring for many years.

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